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The OX is a full time cow/calf operation which runs cattle on 150,000 acres of private and forest service land.  The ranch runs one thousand head of mother cows along with 1200  steers and another 500 head of yearly  heifers.  The operation is run by ranch manager, Casey Anderson and five full time cowboys who work year round.  The cowboys do everything from mending fence lines, developing springs, doctoring cattle, to moving cattle through some of the most beautiful and rugged terrain in the west.

The OX cowboy headquarters is located along the meadows of Lick Creek.  This is where the cowboys begin each day.  Cowboys have their horses saddled and ready to go sometimes as early as 4 am to move cattle before the day gets too hot during the summer months.  Any doctoring or sorting of cattle is done primarily at Lick Creek head quarters.  If projects need to be done or something built there’s a fully equipped shop were the cowboys have access to equipment  to fix tractors, trailers and trucks.

Cowboys rely on their horses and dogs to get the job done daily.  When the animals need a break and time is limited, the atv comes in pretty handy these days for quick  jobs around the ranch.  This is how the modern day rancher saves time and money when saddling up can take twice as long.

The OX is known for being one of the best land management groups in the ranching industry.  They have improved the natural habitat for wild animals with their concern for grazing time lines and protecting water sources.  The OX Ranch owners have a deep commitment to the natural resources that encompasses the operation.