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Bear Creek Falls In Idaho

Bear Creek Falls

bear-creek-falls-in-idaho-2Waterfalls….who doesn’t love a fabulous cascading rush of water, tumbling off a sheer precipice, landing in a churning splash in a bottomless pool. There are many well-known waterfalls in the northwest. Multnomah Falls, Shoshone Falls, Snoqualmie Falls….you’ve undoubtedly heard of these….along with most of the general population.  But let me tell you about a very little known and quite spectacular falls just a few short miles from Seven Devils Lodge. Bear Creek Falls. It’s gorgeous. And essentially hidden from sight….part of its charm and the overall charm of Seven Devils Lodge~its off the beaten path.

Part of the allure of this particular falls is the journey. There are a couple ways to view it: the horseback trail ride, approaching it at a gorgeous overlook. The rugged Bear Creek Canyon spreads out below you, and the rush of the water echoes up the canyon walls to greet you. Truly picturesque. Alternatively, for the more adventurous, you can hike down to the bottom of the falls. While being slightly technical, the hike can be mastered by young and old and the payoff awaits at the bottom. After about three miles, you can hear the water, the mist greets your face, and rounding the last corner, you see this impressive blast of high mountain stream gushing over the cliff and into the aforementioned bottomless pool. On a hot summer day, there’s little that beats a dive in. Picnic basket forgotten, it’s a race to the water. After a dip and the prerequisite amount of splashing and laughter, its time to climb on to the large river rocks that frame the pond and sun dry while feasting on a picnic spread for an army. Finally the time arrives to climb out of the canyon and head back to the Lodge for a relaxing swing in the hammock or an afternoon of archery, sporting clays or more horseback riding.

We’re pretty enthusiastic about the adventures we offer at Seven Devils Lodge.   And the Bear Creek Falls expedition is one of my favorites. It just fails to disappoint. Come see for yourself!


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