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Seven Devils Lodge sits on one of the oldest cattle ranches in the northwest, the OX Ranch. With a great history of the cowboy way, we have an western riding experience that is unmatched. We start a person from the ground up, getting to know the animal and communicating with them before you ever get on. We share the techniques used by horse trainers which allow you to gain knowledge and understanding quick and easy. We love being out with the horses and watching people have success and enjoy their time horseback. Confidence is key to truly appreciating the time spent horseback in country like this. Come see us and be sure to watch the video to learn more about the experience that awaits you.

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Seven Devils Lodge operates under a U.S. Forest Service
special use permit in the Payette National Forest.


Seven Devils Lodge | 4043 Council Cuprum Road, Council, Idaho 83612 | (208) 253-3014 |